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The Nihilist and the Carpenter

A walrus and a carpenter were walking along the seashore one beautiful summer evening. “We should take off our shoes so we can feel the sand between our toes.” said the walrus. “That’s a fine idea, old friend.” said the carpenter. They took off their shoes and continued on their way, letting the waves wash over their feet. The carpenter was in a philosophical mood. “What do you think about life, the universe, and everything?” he asked the walrus. “I am a nihilist.” said the walrus. “There is no purpose to life, no meaning to our existence, no truths that we can know, no values to guide us.” The carpenter thought about this for a few minutes. “But earlier,” he said, “didn’t you suggest that we go for this walk?” “Yes,” said the walrus. “That was my idea.” “And didn’t you suggest that we take off our shoes?” asked the carpenter. “Yes,” said the walrus. “I thought it might be nice.” “How did you decide that we should do those things, instead of something el

Bury My Heart at Szigetvar

Most Social Justice Warriors know nothing about the long history of our movement. Many believe it started just a little while ago. The truth is that the struggle against oppression has been going on for all of human history. This is a little story about the fight for social justice. It happened long ago, not the 1960s but the 1560s, in a town called Szigetvár in what is now Hungary. The great community organizer, Suleiman the Magnificent, the leader of the #TurkishLivesMatter movement, organized a big protest against the Christian white supremacists of Europe who refused to accept undocumented refugee immigrants into their lands. He organized a large group of 150,000 refugee protesters, and they headed north, determined to speak truth to power. After many long days of travel, during which the magnificent leader had to be carried in a litter because of his obesity, the protesters arrived at the city of Szigetvár. It was defended by more than 2000 white supremacist haters, und