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Irrationality is the Root Problem

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of ads on YouTube for Matt Walsh’s new documentary on gender ideology: What is a Woman? . While I agree with the general message (gender ideology is crazy), I find the ads irritating. In the movie, Matt interviews various SJWs, such as activists and professors. He asks them to define “woman”. This simple question puts them in an awkward predicament. We can see the pain on their faces as they struggle with cognitive dissonance. They are required to believe that a trans-woman is a woman. This eliminates the meaning of “woman”, making it impossible for them to give a definition. (See The Trans Paradox .) Even the activists at the “Women’s March” struggle to define “woman”. Matt Walsh does a great job exposing the irrationality of the SJWs. He forces them to confront the absurdity of their beliefs. But couldn’t someone do exactly the same thing to Matt Walsh by asking him to define “God”? Matt Walsh is a Christian. He believes in a magic man who lives in t

White Erasure in Advertising

The other day, I got into an argument on twitter with some leftists who denied that whites are being erased in mass media. They did the usual left-wing tactic of denying that it was happening, while also saying that it was good. It does give leftists cognitive dissonance that the big corporations are on their team. Their denial of obvious reality inspired me to track the ads I was shown on YouTube. I kept a notebook beside my bed, and whenever I watched YouTube videos in bed, I wrote down the ads. I will present my findings here. First, I will give a list of all the ads I was served, and a brief description of each. Advertiser Content Dentyne Black father and son. Scotiabank Indian man CIBC Black woman and white woman Fossil Black man with white woman eBay Lesbian white woman (J Shia) Shoppers Drug Mart Black woman Siggi's Yogurt