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Debate with Mr. Academic, PhD

Based on many twitter debates with academics. The sky is blue. Do you have a source for that? No, but I can see that the sky is blue. You’re not very educated. Here are 100 academic papers that you should read. Thanks, but that’s not necessary. The sky is blue. “Blue” is a social construct. Colors exist on a spectrum. Yeah, I know. The sky is still blue though. The word “blue” is a useful abstraction, even if there is a color spectrum. You obviously haven’t read the vast literature on social color theory. I feel sorry for someone with your lack of education. I don’t need to read a vast literature to know that the sky is blue. LOL! The sky is black at night. You would know that if you had more life experiences. You know what I mean. The sky is blue during the day, when there are no clouds in the way, etc. I guess you’ve never heard about eclipses, lol. Eclipses are rare events. Exceptions don’t falsify general statements. To prove that the sk