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The Apostasy of Ryan Faulk

I am a race realist. In other words, I believe that race is a meaningful and useful way of categorizing human genetic variation, and that race differences in social outcomes, such as income and crime, are largely or wholly due to genetic differences. Race realism is often associated with racial nationalism, racism, and white supremacy, both in myth and reality. Leftists will scream "racist" at anyone who has race realist views. On the other hand, such views are often used to justify racial nationalism or racial hatred. In both cases, there is a leap of logic. Race realism does not imply racial nationalism or race hatred. I don't hate people of other races, and I am not a white nationalist or a racial separatist. Race is relevant to political and social issues, but in a complex way. Ryan Faulk is a well-known race realist who also was, until recently, a white nationalist. He has been a racial nationalist for at least 5 years, as far as I know. He has been fairly influe

Esprit de Corpse

Lately, I’ve noticed a pattern of the left-wing/establishment media appealing to patriotism. This has come up in various contexts. For example, during the 2018 World Cup, several left-wing media sites published articles linking the success of the English, French and Belgian teams to their high level of “diversity” (mostly black players). This was a cherry-picked interpretation, because the Russian and Croatian teams were also successful, and they were not racially diverse at all. So, it was typical propaganda, of course. But it struck me as odd that they would use success in team sports to promote diversity. Why should a man of French ancestry support his country’s team, if it consists mostly of people who aren’t French? Why would he identify more with the French team than, say, the Croatian team? The Croatian team was white and Catholic, as France used to be. Why should he care if “his” team wins a competition, when his only connection to it is the social construct of citizenship

Behold a Gay Frog

Alex Jones was recently banned from several important internet platforms. The stated reason was “hate speech”. I’m pretty sure that Alex Jones was not in violation of “hate speech” policies, although he might have violated other policies. “Hate speech” is just a conveniently vague justification. So, what was the actual reason? Why did they ban Alex Jones? One possibility is that they genuinely perceive Alex Jones to be an ideological threat: that they think he is propagating dangerous ideas, and that he is an important propagandist of the new right, and thus a threat to leftist cultural hegemony and the “New World Order” of mega-corporations and mega-bureaucracies. If so, they are fools. Alex Jones is not taken seriously by most people on the right, and his conspiracy-theorizing is more harmful to the right than helpful. Also, by banning Alex Jones, they draw attention to him and expose new people to his ideas. However, I wouldn’t entirely dismiss this possibility, simply because

End Russophobia Now!!

I am making this post to speak out against a particularly vile form of racism that is being promoted at the highest levels of our society. This disgusting xenophobic bigotry is shamelessly displayed at major news agencies such as CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times. I am speaking of Russophobia: the irrational fear and hatred of Russians. Every day the "mainstream" media expose us to a barrage of anti-Russian propaganda. Supposedly Donald Trump has conspired with Vladimir Putin to take over the United States. Not only is this fake news, it is hate-speech and literally an act of violence against the Russian community. Russophobia is basically Nazism. You know who else hated Russians? Adolf Hitler. Do I have to explain that Russians are human beings? News editors at CNN and NYT, educate yourselves. Stop viewing everything from your bigoted and ethnocentric perspective, in which the United States is always the good guy. Stop pushing this racist notion that Russians are scar