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Updates and Merry Christmas!

In case you follow this blog and not my YT channel, I am posting a couple of links here. I created an ebook. It is a compilation of (mostly) cleaned up blog posts and video texts, with some new stuff. It makes a great last minute gift for your liberal uncle. Check it out here: I have another book in the works, but I thought I would put out this one first. If you use discord and want to talk to me, you can find me on discord here: Merry Christmas!

The Cuck Metaphor and the Alt-Right

“Cuck” is a favorite insult of the alt-right. It is used to refer to anyone who puts other races ahead of their own, personally or politically. For example, a family that adopts a black child would be described as “cucked”. More importantly to the alt-right, social policies are “cucked” if they put the interests of non-whites ahead of whites. The immigration policies of most Western countries are extremely cucked: they import large numbers of non-whites into white countries. The “cuck” insult is based on two metaphors. One is the metaphor of the cuckoo: a bird that lays its eggs in the nests of other birds. The host bird is deceived into raising the offspring of the cuckoo instead of its own. The term “cuckold” was commonly used to refer to a man whose wife has the child of another man. The other metaphor is conceptualizing the collective as an individual. An individual has reproductive interests, and (via the metaphor) a collective has them too. A collective that reproduces the g