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Black History

February is black history month in the United States. Unfortunately, the month is not dedicated to actual history. It is not about understanding the past. It is about constructing and reinforcing the myth that black people were (and still are) oppressed by white people. The myth of black oppression is part of a larger myth: that white people and European civilization have oppressed the entire world for the past 500 years. The truth is very different from the myth. The preceding graph shows the population history of Africa from 1500 to 2000. The population grew very little over most of that time, and then it exploded in the last 100 years. This graph shows the entire African population: North Africans as well as Sub-Saharan Africans (blacks). A graph of just the black population would show an even more dramatic upward curve at the end. It is important to understand both sides of this graph: why the population remained flat for so long, and why it grew at the end. Let’s

Sex and Immigration

On New Year’s Eve, there were sex attacks in Cologne and other European cities, perpetrated mostly by Muslim immigrants. These attacks demonstrate some of the problems associated with mass immigration. The response of leftists has been denial: the attacks didn’t really happen, and if they did, they had nothing to do with immigration or Islam. Liberals, on the other hand, are somewhat more honest. They admit the existence of the problem, but view it as entirely cultural, as something that can be solved by “education”. They believe that the migrants have “retrograde ideas”, and that they will adopt our obviously superior Western liberal humanist values. The Muslims may even thank us for teaching them our superior ways! To me, this view is dangerously naive. There are problems with this migration that go beyond cultural differences. One is the sex ratio of the migrants. Most of them are young single men. Almost none of them are young single women. This migration creates a sexual i