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This is a brief sketch of a theory of motivation. Motivation drives action. It also causes the experiences of pleasure and pain. We experience pain when motivation increases, and pleasure when motivation decreases. Motivation is generated by emotions. Each emotion drives action toward some biological imperative. Hunger, thirst and lust are examples of emotion. Some emotions are triggered by external stimuli. For example, if you are pricked with a pin then you will experience pain. The pain an emotional reaction to a stimulus. The pin activates sensory receptors in the skin (nociceptors), which send a signal to the brain, where it generates an emotional reaction. Some emotions are triggered by internal stimuli, such as low blood sugar or low body temperature. Some, like lust, are generated internally without a preceding stimulus, although lust can also be triggered or increased by a complex stimulus, such as seeing an attractive member of the opposite sex. All emotions generate motiv