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Unsatisfiable Desires

Modernity has given us abundance. Abundance allows us to easily satisfy many of our desires. When we are hungry it is easy to get food. When we feel cold we can turn up the thermostat or put on a sweater. When we feel hot we can turn on the air conditioning, or perhaps just sit in the shade with a cold drink. Few of us do hard labor for a living any more. We don't come home exhausted after a long day's work in the fields, or after a long day out hunting. We don't have to worry much about being physically attacked by animals or other people. We have homes that are safe, comfortable, and convenient. Most of our basic desires are satisfied. Yet, we are not happy. Abundance has not made us satisfied, even though it has made it easy to satisfy many of our desires. The desires that we can easily satisfy just fade into the background of our lives. We still feel hunger, but it isn't a major driver of our thoughts or actions because it is easily satisfied. When we feel it, w

Reproduction | Masturbation

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Anarcho-Tyranny in the UK

Recently the UK denied entry to Brittany Pettibone, Martin Sellner, and Lauren Southern, all of whom are right-wing activists/commentators. Martin and Brittany were going to give a speech at Speaker's Corner in London, a supposed haven for free speech. Brittany was also going to interview Tommy Robinson, a UK citizen and right-wing activist. Lauren was going to meet with Tommy, Brittany and Sellner. The grounds were as follows: Martin: Member of Generation Identitaire, might disturb "local communities". Brittany: Going to speak with known "extremist" Tommy Robinson. Lauren: Past "racism" in the UK, consisting of a social experiment in which she distributed flyers saying "Allah is gay" (an attempt to expose hypocrisy). I don't know the exact process by which it occurred, but I can make some guesses. Probably "anti-hate" groups (left-wing, of course) informed government bureaucrats and/or politicians that Martin, Brittany, a