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Responding to Alias Feting

This is a response to a video by Alias Feting ( here ). His video was a response to my video titled “Efilism Arguing the Argument”. This will be long, because of the nature of his criticisms. He tries to place a very large burden of proof on me, which forces me to explain a lot of things. I copied the transcript of his YouTube video, and I will interleave the text from that with my responses. I cleaned up some of the speech-to-text errors, but otherwise left it as is. Before we start, here are the three reasons I reject efilism: I reject the claim that life is net-negative hedonically. I think pain and pleasure balance out. I reject hedonism as a theory of value. It is an unquestioned assumption, not a self-evident truth or a logical truth. I reject altruism, and morality in general. Again, it is an unquestioned assumption, not a self-evident or logical truth. Will Alias Feting address these criticisms of efilism? We shall see. Hello, so this video is basically a reply to a