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More on Ryan Faulk and "First Worldism"

I left a few stones unturned in the last post, so I'm going to circle back and talk a little more about Ryan Faulk and his paradigm shift from white nationalism to what he calls "first worldism". Specifically, I want to turn over the following stones: 1. The "Japan argument" for WN. 2. Ryan's attempt to save face by claiming that this is a minor change in his worldview. 3. Ryan's obsession with maps and sorting. 4. The real lesson of the European revolution. The Japan Argument Okay, so let's start with the Japan argument for white nationalism. The argument is basically "Look at Japan. They're ethno-nationalist, and they're doing fine. Why can't we be like them?" First, I should say that this doesn't have anything specifically to do with Ryan's former or current views, but I want to talk about it because it is one of the most persuasive arguments for white nationalism. It is empirical and pragmatic, not idealis