What is Wokism?

Goodhart’s Law and Emotions

Debunking the Selfish Gene

Response to my RatWiki Entry

Parasites, Emotions and Identity

Matthew Perry, Friends and Wasted Youth

Israel, Palestine and Moral Confusion

Knowledge and Reality

Fires, Polar Bears and Global Warming

Modern Civilization is Irrational

The Case Against Randian Objectivism

Theories of Knowledge

Long Island Serial Killers

Natural Resource Taxation

The Demographic Tsunami

Lucifer’s Question

What is Subjectivity?

What is Value?

The Warrior Queens of Dahomey

The Homunculus Fallacy and its Inverse

FTX, Cryptomania and Fake Wealth

Irrationality is the Root Problem

White Erasure in Advertising

Bootnecking Modern Civilization

Status Pyramid Schemes

Answering Ancap Questions

Circles of Control and Freedom

Russia and Ukraine Statistics


How I Rejected Hedonism

Responding to Alias Feting

The Ghost of Adam Lanza

Afghanistan and the West

The End of American Greatness

A Paradox of Rationality and Cooperation

A Strange Game

Another Victory for Kek

The Conflict Between Hedonism and Altruism

Morality and Bad Faith

Responding to Conundrum

What is Morality?

George Floyd and the Madness of Crowds

Free Will, Determinism and Choice

Toward Rational Humanism

The Advice Troll

The Case Against UBI

To EyesWideOpen


The Trans Paradox

Here Comes Corona-chan

The Decline of Popular Culture

Eugenostate versus Ethnostate

Are we running out of ideas?

The Balance of Nature

The Groyper War

Competition in Nature

The Rise and Stagnation of Modernity

What is the Self?

A Wild Cathulu Appears

To Leonard Erasmus

Kin Selection Theory is Wrong

Fake News

Diet and Human Evolution

MMIW: A Canadian Genocide?

Capitalism and Socialism

Why Most Academic Research is Fake

Debate with Mr. Academic, PhD

Alienation and Art

Christchurch and Clown World

Neetbux are the Opium of the Masses

Newcomb's Paradox

The IQ Question

Ancapitards are Aspy SJWs

Immanentizing the Abyss

Debunking The Revolutionary Phenotype

Sex, Death and Complexity

The Rise and Fall of the Alt-Right

The Lion King Moral Narrative

More on Ryan Faulk and "First Worldism"

The Apostasy of Ryan Faulk

Esprit de Corpse

Behold a Gay Frog

End Russophobia Now!!

The Thermodynamics of Globalization

The Case Against MGTOW

New Theism

Stranger in a Familiar Land

The Sexual Underclass and Romantic Illusions

Purchasing Power Decline (in Big Macs)

Unsatisfiable Desires

Reproduction | Masturbation

Anarcho-Tyranny in the UK

The Restaurant at the End of History

Regression to the Mean


Updates and Merry Christmas!

The Cuck Metaphor and the Alt-Right

Dysgenics, Overpopulation and Conventional Ignorance



Rationality and Freedom

The Case Against Anarchism


Evolution and Morality

Freedom of Speech


The Madness of Crowds

Re: The Rise of Universalism


The Sixties

It’s Probably Mostly Genetic

Ideology and Violence

The Deep State and the Myth of Democracy

Easter Island, Humanism and Ethno-altruism

Hawaii and Ecology

Does Evolutionary Theory Imply Genetic Tribalism?

New Communism

The Normification of YouTube

Bad Faith

R/K Selection Theory is Bogus

What is Feminism?

Demography and Destiny

Consciousness Thought Experiments

Pathological Altruism

Christmas Book Recommendations

The Will to Power or the Will to LARP?

The Sweet Taste of Victory

Leaving Home

The Establishment

What is the Abyss?

Reality Matters

Collectivize Sex!!

Black History

Sex and Immigration

How I Became Amoral

On the Mudflats


God is a Telomeme

The Nihilist and the Carpenter

Bury My Heart at Szigetvar

Life is Violent

Pyramid Schemes

The End of Marriage

Mass Murder

Contra Roosh V. on Evolution

Democracy is a Tragedy of the Commons

Altruism and Selfishness

Technology and Progress

Adaptive Coherence

Social Delusions

Apollo and Daphne

Ferguson: Race and Violence

Game Theory and Society

Utopian Ideologies

Elliot Rodger - When You're Strange

Bees are not Social

Killing the Unicorns

Family and Society

The Stock Market is a Bank

In Defense of Spock

We Cannot Transcend Evolution

Modern Romance

Altruistic Morality and Victimhood

The Rhetoric of Exploitation

Traditionalism is the Future

Caterpillars and Philosophy