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New Communism

I think we should call modern leftism “new communism” or “neo-communism”. It has other names, such as “social justice” or even “liberalism”, despite its profoundly unjust and illiberal views and actions. These labels hide the true nature of modern leftism: that it is just another version of communism. I should be clear that I am referring to ideology, not to how society is organized. It is often said that real communism has never existed, and that is true. Real communism has never existed as a social system, because it is a utopian ideology that can’t exist in reality. However, communism has been very successful as an ideology. Communism doesn’t work in reality because it is based on false assumptions about human nature and society. (Forget about whatever Marx said, because it really doesn’t matter.) Communism is based on the concept of altruism. Communism assumes an altruistic moral imperative: that individuals should work for the common good, not for their individual benefit. T