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Collectivize Sex!!

Comrades, I want to speak to you about the greatest injustice of the modern world: the unequal distribution of sex. Sex is not distributed equally among us — far from it. Some, through no virtue or effort of their own, have an almost unlimited supply of sex, while others go their whole lives without even getting laid, let alone being loved. Some of us inherit good looks from our parents. Others are born into ugliness. Is this fair? Is it humane to allow millions of people to suffer without sex or love? I think not. Sex, love and reproduction are basic human rights. They must not be denied on the basis of ugliness, shortness, fatness, age or poverty. We all deserve love and sex. The history of sex is a story of class struggle. Men are the sexual proletariat and women are the owners of sexual capital. Women are born with baby-making factories inside them. Men must purchase access to the means of reproduction with their labor. In the past, this system, although inequi