Collectivize Sex!!

Comrades, I want to speak to you about the greatest injustice of the modern world: the unequal distribution of sex.

Sex is not distributed equally among us — far from it. Some, through no virtue or effort of their own, have an almost unlimited supply of sex, while others go their whole lives without even getting laid, let alone being loved. Some of us inherit good looks from our parents. Others are born into ugliness.

Is this fair? Is it humane to allow millions of people to suffer without sex or love?

I think not.

Sex, love and reproduction are basic human rights. They must not be denied on the basis of ugliness, shortness, fatness, age or poverty. We all deserve love and sex.

The history of sex is a story of class struggle. Men are the sexual proletariat and women are the owners of sexual capital. Women are born with baby-making factories inside them. Men must purchase access to the means of reproduction with their labor.

In the past, this system, although inequitable, was balanced. But today the modern state subsidizes the female owners of sexual capital, which creates an unfair sexual market. The state confiscates the labor of men, and uses it to provide women with protection and support. The benefits of modern civilization, created by the labor of men, are provided freely to women. The modern state has collectivized the labor of men, but it gives women full control and private ownership of the means of reproduction. The male proletariat must sell their labor to female sexualist pigs who are already feeding at the government trough. The pigs can demand any price for their pussies. The result is the oppression of the male proletariat by the female owners of sexual capital.

How can we solve this gross injustice?

The solution is simple: we must collectivize sex.

The first phase of collectivism was the nationalization of the means of production, and the redistribution of wealth to the masses. The second phase of collectivism must be the nationalization of the means of reproduction, and the redistribution of sex to the masses.

This will require not only social change, but also a change in our hearts and minds. We must break the habits of thought created by an oppressive system. Once we are freed from our mental shackles, we will be liberated. The revolution will create a new man and a new woman. Woman is not selfish and greedy by nature. Those are habits of thought instilled in her mind by an unjust system. A beautiful college girl should happily share her body with those in need, rather than selfishly and greedily hoard her beauty and love.

We are all equal. We are all human. We are all equally worthy of love and sex.

Of course, there will be some who resist the second phase of collectivism. These shirkers and kulaks must be placed in reeducation centers, where they will learn to have empathy and compassion for their fellow human beings. In these educational facilities, tall “alpha” males will be forced to have sex with smelly obese women who drive around Walmart in mobility scooters, while beautiful college girls will be required to clean sewers and program in JavaScript, just to get an occasional date with an obnoxious jerk who will make them pay for dinner.

Most people will not require this harsh treatment, however. Once the inequity of the current system is made clear, they will enthusiastically support the revolution.

Thank you for listening, my comrades.

Pussy to the people!


  1. A truly great parody of our current system. Thanks for the continued writing. Your thoughtful pieces are, as always, looked forward to and well received.

  2. Is there a specific piece of writing this is parodying or just communism in general?

    1. No, nothing specific. It's a parody of communism and old-style communist rhetoric, but it also has some non-ironic truths about modernity and sexuality. It also parodies feminism from the opposite direction, by showing that an equally strong case can be made that women oppress men as vice-versa.

  3. The satire is obvious, however, this is a very real issue, and if it isn't solved, western civilization cannot survive for much longer. On the other hand, redistributing sex is an absolute no-no. Therein lies the dilemma. How do we restore balance to the sexual marketplace in a way that preserves female sexual autonomy?

    Subsidize plastic surgery and legalize steroid use? Many folks say that would just move the goalposts on hypergamy, where the guys who would be "9s" today would then be considered "6s". I'm not so sure I agree with that assumption. When it comes to wealth/status, yes, that concept applies, but sexually attractive male looks are based on very specific biological triggers with a very narrow margin for variability. Women find muscles attractive, but too much muscle is still a turnoff despite the fact that extreme bodybuilding has been around for quite a while now. That look hasn't become supernormalized. If the plastic surgery nay-sayers were correct, that should have already happened by now.

    Sexbots? Like you said in one of your videos, it's fake, it doesn't allow for reproduction, and it's insulting. Artificial wombs and buying women's eggs might take care of the reproductive angle, but we're still left with the other 2 issues. My feeling on this option is as follows: It's a band-aid "solution", but with the future of western civilization at stake, that bandage might be the only thing that stops the bleeding for long enough to come up with a permanent fix.

    Legalize prostitution? Stupid idea. Most guys can't afford to pay $300+ for one hour. The state would have to not only legalize it, but SUBSIDIZE it, and that opens up a dangerous legal precedent that screams "men are entitled to sex".

    I have to admit, women's future isn't looking good :(. If female sexual autonomy is to be preserved, we may have to look to future technologies and hope like hell society holds itself together until then.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yeah, it is a very serious problem.

      What I have proposed in the past is a reproduction license-contract, that would balance and regulate the reproduction market (and thus the relationship market for people who want kids). Men and women would have to apply for the right to have a child, and that right would be conditional on having enough income to support the child and having no serious criminal record. If a woman needs a man and his income to have a child, that will increase the value of men to women. This would be a replacement for traditional marriage, and it would regulate the population eugenically. That's the only long-term solution that can preserve modern civilization with its current levels of prosperity and low levels of child mortality. I don't have any proposal for balancing the casual sex market, but if the relationship market is balanced then that will shift cultural norms over time.


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