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The Groyper War

I've been watching the groyper war from the sidelines. For those who don't know what the groyper war is, it's basically a semi-organized trolling raid on normie conservatism, aka the neocons, ziocons, conservativism inc. etc. The man leading the groyper blitzkrieg is Nick Fuentes, a 21 year old traditionalist Christian streamer who loves Big Macs and Jesus, and hates homosex and mass immigration. Nick is an interesting character. He is funny, articulate and charismatic. Although he is quite intelligent, he has no original ideas or intellectual depth. His mental focus is tactical and political, not strategic or philosophical. He is well suited to be the leader of an emergent memetically bonded movement. And the groypers? Well the "groyper" character began as an offshoot of the Pepe meme, around the time that the Pepe meme was dying out. I think it started in 2017 but I could be mistaken. The groyper is a fat, ugly, somewhat effeminate, more toad-like version of P