The Groyper War

I've been watching the groyper war from the sidelines. For those who don't know what the groyper war is, it's basically a semi-organized trolling raid on normie conservatism, aka the neocons, ziocons, conservativism inc. etc. The man leading the groyper blitzkrieg is Nick Fuentes, a 21 year old traditionalist Christian streamer who loves Big Macs and Jesus, and hates homosex and mass immigration. Nick is an interesting character. He is funny, articulate and charismatic. Although he is quite intelligent, he has no original ideas or intellectual depth. His mental focus is tactical and political, not strategic or philosophical. He is well suited to be the leader of an emergent memetically bonded movement.

And the groypers? Well the "groyper" character began as an offshoot of the Pepe meme, around the time that the Pepe meme was dying out. I think it started in 2017 but I could be mistaken. The groyper is a fat, ugly, somewhat effeminate, more toad-like version of Pepe with a sickly smile and pendulous earlobes. I always thought of it as Pepe's older, possibly gay, possibly pedo uncle. For some reason this cringe-inducing meme caught on with certain people. I would see groypers on my twitter feed every now and then, and they seemed to be people who wanted to retain the camaraderie of the 2016 meme war after it had run its course. I think Nick started referring to his followers as groypers partly as a joke, and partly because he had a lot of groyper followers on twitter. From these lost souls he forged a mighty movement capable of asking difficult questions at conservative meetings....sort of.

The groyper war began as a personal vendetta against Charlie Kirk, a normiecon with an unusual physiognomy and a passion for Israel. I don't know all the details (because who really cares) but I think he is the leader of something called "TP USA". Together with his gay black man, he goes around to college campuses and gives talks about his brand of conservatism. He is friends with Donald Trump Jr. and presumably has rich supporters. Apparently Nick Fuentes was kicked out of Politicon (whatever that is) because he tried to get a picture with Charlie Kirk. This infuriated Nick, so he decided to send his groyper army to attack Charlie Kirk, not only to get vengeance for this personal insult, but also to kick off a holy war against the fake conservatives. And so it began.

The opening salvo was delivered at a TP USA event on a campus somewhere. Basically, Nick told his groypers to show up at the meeting and ask "difficult questions". This was a pretty good tactic, tbh. The normiecons are prepared to "debate" naive college leftists, but they aren't prepared to deal with groypers asking such tough questions as "How does anal sex help us win the culture war?". To be fair, that question was handled pretty well by Charlie Kirk's gay black man, after it was asked by a groyper holding a cross in one hand and a book about the JQ in the other. But the normicons were not prepared to face this kind of attack from the right. The groypers were "disrupting" the question and answer session by asking the wrong kinds of questions. They were questioning the sacred tenets of normie conservatism, such as the sanctity of homosexual marriage, and that Israel is America's greatest ally.

Ben Shapiro, the only right wing figure shorter than Nick Fuentes, put on his scheming hat and cleverly outwitted the groypers by not only refusing to answer questions, but also delivering an extended monologue in which he answered all the questions that he presumed they would ask, if they were allowed to speak.

In spite of this setback, the groypers continued showing up at TP USA events and other normiecon events and disrupting them. Nick coordinated the attacks through his YouTube channel (which mysteriously has not been shut down -- are dancing Israelis secretly supporting Nick?). His daily 3 hour rants consist mostly of calling things "cringe" or "based" and complaining about being hungry, but also include some messages to the troops about what questions to ask, how to present oneself, and so on. The most recent battle occurred at UCLA, when Donald Trump Jr. was on stage with Charlie Kirk. Afraid of the groypers, they decided to shut down the Q&A session, for which they got booed offstage. Now the establishment media are reporting about the event, but of course they are lying about it or simply retarded, as usual.

And that is the groyper war to date, afaik. Has it been cringe or based? It's too soon to tell.