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The Ghost of Adam Lanza

Goodness is the fulfillment of value. Value exists only in life. If there is no life, there is no value, and thus goodness becomes an entirely irrelevant concept. — Adam Lanza, 2011, in the video “Antinatalism at Light Speed” Recently, someone discovered the ghost of Adam Lanza. His abandoned YouTube channel, named “CulturalPhilistine”, had been sitting on YouTube for 9 years, without anyone linking it to him. It had only about a dozen subscribers and 20 videos, which were audio and a black image. Recently, someone found it and linked it to Lanza. It was quickly deleted, of course, but some people managed to save all the content before it was taken down. So, now we have new insights into the mind of Adam Lanza. Adam Lanza committed the Sandy Hook school shooting . On December 14, 2012, he killed his mother, and then went to an elementary school, where he killed 20 children and 6 adults. The children were in Grade 1. Lanza was 20 at the time. He lived with his mother an