White Erasure in Advertising

The other day, I got into an argument on twitter with some leftists who denied that whites are being erased in mass media. They did the usual left-wing tactic of denying that it was happening, while also saying that it was good. It does give leftists cognitive dissonance that the big corporations are on their team.

Their denial of obvious reality inspired me to track the ads I was shown on YouTube. I kept a notebook beside my bed, and whenever I watched YouTube videos in bed, I wrote down the ads. I will present my findings here.

First, I will give a list of all the ads I was served, and a brief description of each.

Advertiser Content
Dentyne Black father and son.
Scotiabank Indian man
CIBC Black woman and white woman
Fossil Black man with white woman
eBay Lesbian white woman (J Shia)
Shoppers Drug Mart Black woman
Siggi's Yogurt White man (owner of company)
Miss Vickies White woman, black man, black woman, South Asian woman
Ford No people, just trucks
Facebook Black man with white woman
HSBC/Conair White men (not actors) who work for Conair -- climate change angle
Mr Clean White woman
Telus East asian man and child
A&W Choir of PoC, conductor is white guy (in most A&W commercials)
Intel Black couple
ICBC Black man
CIBC Black women (family)
University of Florida Cartoon black woman
Finish Black father and child
Capitol One Indian family
BCAA Gay-presenting black man
Kellogs Two black women
A&W "Jorge" -- cool black guy
Cracker Barrel Ugly chinese woman eating cheese
Bros Movie about two gay white guys
Tim Hortons Virtue signaling about native mass grave myth
Sprite Black man sees Wakanda in his fridge
Halls Black cyclist wearing helmet (of course)
Cadbury No people, just chocolate
Balderson Cheese White woman
Dove for Men Black man
Smart Water East Asian woman
TD Bank Black man, East Asian woman
Beautitone Black man painting his door pink
Hello Fresh Two gay white men, with kids
Burnbrae Farms Eggs Goofy white man dancing
Indigo (bookstore) Story about Rupi, Indian woman who "battled the patriarchy" by writing
Resolve (laundry soap) Fat white woman
BMO (bank) Lesbian black and white couple, black man
Polident Brown woman

Out of 40 ads total, 20 had black people, 15 had white people, and 11 had other races (East Asian, South Asian, possibly Hispanic). These numbers overlap, because several ads had multiple races in them. Only 6 ads had white men, while 9 had white women. No ad contained both a white man and a white woman. The only white family was the 2 gay dads. At least 5 ads appeared to show homosexual people/relationships. 5 ads had inter-racial relationhips.

According to the 2016 census, Canada is 22% visible minority. This includes non-whites other than native people, who are treated separately. Canada was 3.5% black in 2016. The percentages of visible minorities and blacks have certainly risen in the past 6 years, but Canada is still majority white and has a very small black population. Yet, roughly 50% of ads had black people, while only 37.5% had white people. Other races, as a whole, were only slightly over-represented. Of the white people shown, the majority were women.

The obvious conclusion is that ads are incredibly biased against white people, and in favor of black people. The advertising industry seems more concerned with pushing an ideological agenda than selling products. Advertising has become little more than a propaganda campaign against white people, and especially against white men and white families.

Burger Kang


  1. I used to think that the US was 50% black because they were always prominantly featured in films and media. I was surprised when I learned a few years ago that they only comprise 13% of the population.

  2. Blithering genius still out there watching youtube ads. The real message of this article is get Brave Browser and not see ads, regardless of race, ever again smdh


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