Another Victory for Kek

As I write this, the US election is still undecided, but it looks like Biden will eke out a narrow win. Trump is claiming that the election is being stolen. The way the election unfolded certainly created that impression, with vote-counting stopped in key states on election night, and now dragging out over multiple days, as Trump's lead in those states slowly evaporates. My guess (and it's only a guess) is that there was some fraud (there usually is) and probably more than usual, but I don't think Trump will be able to do much about it.

Even if there was substantial election fraud, it would be only a small part of the campaign by the establishment against Trump. He has been the target of a massive disinformation campaign by the mass media. He and his supporters have been censored by the major tech platforms. Judges have blocked his orders. Governors and mayors have defied him, to the extent of allowing anarchy in their own streets.

There are very good reasons for Trump and his supporters to question the legitimacy of the election. But that probably won't do much good at this point. Trump doesn't have the power to fight the forces aligned against him. His best course of action is to accept the result, fraudulent or not.

But Trump is Trump, and so instead he's blustering and complaining about election fraud. That's a stupid thing to do when you have no real power, and Trump has no real power in this situation. The states control the voting process. He could demand a recount here and there, but that's all he can really do. Instead, Trump is dancing to the tune of the establishment and the leftists. He's validating their claim that he is unpresidential, undemocratic, and authoritarian. He is delegitimizing himself.

Oh well. Trump is Trump. 

I wanted Trump to win in 2016, but I never saw him as a savior. He brought important issues into the Overton window, but he had no real solutions, and no real plan. MAGA was just boomer nostalgia for the 80s. He was not a "master persuader", as Scott Adams claimed. He was an enormously flawed candidate, who ran against an even more flawed candidate.

Trump's appeal was simple. He took the side of many ordinary people who were culturally and politically marginalized, especially white men. He opposed illegal immigration, Muslim immigration, and leftist ideology, such as "Black Lives Matter". He rejected political correctness. He opposed endless foreign wars. He promised to fight against corruption. Those positions are popular with a lot of people. Trump took the side of many ordinary people against the corrupt establishment and the ideological left. With their support, he was able to narrowly win the election in 2016.

Once in office, however, his position was precarious. He was surrounded by a hostile establishment. He should have forged an institutional power base by hiring loyal outsiders and putting them in positions of power. He should have created a special agency or task force to investigate corruption in the bureaucracy and media. Instead, he surrounded himself with unreliable people, and he did nothing to weaken the corrupt establishment.

His presidency was not a complete bust. He was arguably the best president in recent history. He renegotiated trade deals and brought some jobs back to the US. He didn't start any new wars, and he worked to unwind foreign entanglements. He deescalated tensions in Korea. Later, he stood up to BLM and Antifa. So, he did some good as president. But he failed to deliver on his most important promises. He didn't drain the swamp, and he didn't build the wall.

To be fair, he faced enormous opposition from the establishment during his term. He was also blind-sided by Covid-19 in 2020. However, he had two years of relatively smooth sailing after he was elected. During that time, he failed to consolidate power or deliver on his election promises. He took on the very difficult challenge of being an anti-establishment President, and he failed at it.

For his failures, Trump deserves to lose the election. That doesn't mean that Biden deserves to win it, however. Biden is a terrible candidate: creepy, senile and corrupt. Trump was the better candidate. But now, even if the election was fraudulent, it would be best for Trump to gracefully exit and hand America back to the corrupt establishment. They deserve the mess that they have created.

The country is in the middle of a pandemic. It has intractable financial and economic problems. It has regular riots, which have been stirred up by the left and enabled by the establishment. It has a soaring murder rate and a demoralized police force. The election has further undermined faith in the democratic process. The "winner" will appear illegitimate to half the country. The population is divided by a deep moral/political/religious schism. To put it simply, America is a fucking mess.

It would be better to dump that mess in Biden's lap. If Trump somehow managed to win the election in the courts, he wouldn't be able to govern. He'd face riots in the streets and a possible deep state coup. It's far better, for both Trump and the right, that he concede the election and step down.

The MAGA dream is over. It was always a delusion. America will not be made great again. We can't solve the problems of the modern West by clinging to past glories. It's time to put those boomer dreams to rest. Things have to get worse before they can get better. Delusions have to be shattered before people will face the truth.

The real winner of the election is Kek, the frog-god of chaos. In 2016, Trump played an important role as Kek's avatar, by bringing important issues into the Overton window, and by exposing the corruption of the media and the deep state. It is now Biden's turn to be an avatar of Kek, and accelerate America's descent into chaos.

Hail Kek!