Sex and Immigration

On New Year’s Eve, there were sex attacks in Cologne and other European cities, perpetrated mostly by Muslim immigrants. These attacks demonstrate some of the problems associated with mass immigration.

The response of leftists has been denial: the attacks didn’t really happen, and if they did, they had nothing to do with immigration or Islam. Liberals, on the other hand, are somewhat more honest. They admit the existence of the problem, but view it as entirely cultural, as something that can be solved by “education”. They believe that the migrants have “retrograde ideas”, and that they will adopt our obviously superior Western liberal humanist values. The Muslims may even thank us for teaching them our superior ways! To me, this view is dangerously naive.

There are problems with this migration that go beyond cultural differences. One is the sex ratio of the migrants. Most of them are young single men. Almost none of them are young single women. This migration creates a sexual imbalance in Europe. It adds a lot of young, single men to the sexual market in Europe, where they will be competing with European men for European women.

Suppose that there were 500,000 more young men than young women in the recent migration to Germany. The actual number is probably higher, but let’s just use 500,000 for the sake of argument. This is within a population of roughly 10 million young men in Germany. Due to last year’s migration alone, roughly 1 out of every 20 young men in Germany will not be able to get a girlfriend or a wife in Germany.

This shows how misleading it is to compare the size of the migration to the total population.

Some of the dropouts will be native Germans, and some will be migrants. Of course, we don’t know what percentage of the migrants will get a German girlfriend or wife, and what percentage will fall out of the sexual market themselves. Let’s just assume, for the sake of argument, that 50% of them get a German girlfriend or wife. In that case, 250,000 German men just got cock-blocked by their government.

That’s a much bigger catastrophe than the hundred or so women who got sexually assaulted and robbed in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. But the media will not talk about the sexual problems of men, especially white men. If German men complain, they will be labeled as losers and ridiculed by the media.

Feminists in Europe have openly supported this mass migration of young men. They ignore the sexual violence perpetrated by Muslims in Europe, or insist that it is “all men”, and reject any analysis of sexual violence by race, ethnicity or religion. The migration of young Muslim men is celebrated, even when those young men violate the cultural norms that feminism has fought so hard to impose on European men. This is an example of revealed versus stated preferences. The stated preferences of feminists do not match the preferences revealed by their actions.

Because of this mass migration, a huge number of European men will have to live their lives alone, without love, sex or children. Will those men have an incentive to contribute to the society that betrayed them?

The problem of sexual imbalance is not confined to the recent Muslim migration into Europe. Almost all immigration is sexually imbalanced. Men migrate in greater numbers than women. Male immigrants sometimes bring or import wives from their home countries, but many do not. The effect is to displace local men from the sexual market. That is true at both ends of the economic spectrum, from well-paid professionals to farm laborers. Also, women who immigrate for economic reasons are usually either already married or pursuing a career. They are not looking to get married and start a family. So, immigration generally makes the sexual market worse for men and better for women.

Another problem is that immigrant communities often stigmatize or punish women for dating or marrying outside the community, while Western cultures are highly tolerant of women making those choices. We tend to treat women as individuals who are free to choose their sexual partners. Other cultures don’t have the same attitude, and Islam is one of those cultures. They guard their women. Even if Muslim immigrants had a balanced sex ratio, most of the immigrant women would not enter the Western sexual market, while many of the men would, at least for casual sex.

It is an effective group-expansion strategy to prohibit out-group marriage for women, while allowing it for men.

The Mormons used this strategy to expand very rapidly during the 19th century. Mormon girls were often married (at very young ages) to Mormon elders. The elders would have multiple wives and many children. Young Mormon men were encouraged to seek wives outside the community and bring them back into the community. If they succeeded, and contributed to the Mormon community, they were rewarded with additional young wives. Polygamy gave men an incentive to keep the Mormon faith and contribute to the society. You can think of Mormonism, in its original form, as an adaptation to resource abundance. Mormonism encouraged high reproductive rates in both men and women. The women married young, and the men had multiple wives. Mormonism grew by marriage and reproduction.

Islam also allows for polygamy. This reproductive strategy was very effective at spreading Islam. It would be naive to assume that centuries of polygamous breeding had no effect on the innate personality traits of the population. Polygamy increases the reproductive reward for men who ascend to the top of the social hierarchy. It also forces a lot of men out of the sexual market, one way or another. Islam pushes men to seek women outside the community, and by doing so to expand the community. The standard way to seek mates outside the community is by going to war. Islamic societies tended to “boil off” a significant percentage of their male population in warfare. The current outward migration is a similar boiling-off of young men. In a sense, it is also warfare.

The migrants who celebrated the New Year by assaulting women were not behaving like refugees, grateful for the charity of their hosts. They were acting like a conquering army.