End Russophobia Now!!

I am making this post to speak out against a particularly vile form of racism that is being promoted at the highest levels of our society. This disgusting xenophobic bigotry is shamelessly displayed at major news agencies such as CNN, MSNBC, and the New York Times.

I am speaking of Russophobia: the irrational fear and hatred of Russians. Every day the "mainstream" media expose us to a barrage of anti-Russian propaganda. Supposedly Donald Trump has conspired with Vladimir Putin to take over the United States. Not only is this fake news, it is hate-speech and literally an act of violence against the Russian community.

Russophobia is basically Nazism. You know who else hated Russians? Adolf Hitler.

Do I have to explain that Russians are human beings? News editors at CNN and NYT, educate yourselves. Stop viewing everything from your bigoted and ethnocentric perspective, in which the United States is always the good guy. Stop pushing this racist notion that Russians are scary and evil.

Russians are a beautiful people with a beautiful culture. They have amazing food. They love to drink and party. Think of all the great Russian restaurants we would have in New York and Washington DC if we had more Russians in the upper levels of the US establishment. Imagine the benefits of diversity! You could be smoking hookah with a bunch of Russians in a dark room, eating salt fish and pork fat and washing it down with shots of vodka, instead of sitting in Starbucks with your latte like a nerd.

Are you afraid that your gated community will be invaded by a bunch of guys in track suits who squat on street corners chewing sunflower seeds? That's just a racist stereotype. Let go of your fear and embrace change. The Russians just want to live peacefully with us.

Some vile bigots are stirring up anti-Russian sentiment by claiming that the Russians are anti-LGBTQPIIZ8. This is a misunderstanding of a complex and beautiful culture. It is like claiming that Islam is anti-gay or oppressive to women. Obviously neither claim is true, because the only oppressive culture is Western culture, and Russians are from the East. Their culture can only be a source of deep wisdom and tasty food.

Some disgusting racists are promoting the "idea" that jobs will be lost if Russians undocumentedly migrate into the US establishment. These cry-babies are just afraid of change. Are you worried that a Russian will take your job in the Pentagon? Are you afraid that RT will replace CNN? Aw, the poor little baby needs his mommy. :'(

The United States isn't YOUR country. It is EVERYONE's country. WE are stronger TOGETHER. No one should be blocked from entering the country, or barred from participating in its political processes. It's time to get rid of the barriers that divide us, such as NATO. There should be no obstacles to the free flow of leadership into the West. Undocumented citizens should be allowed to vote, and undocumented leaders such as Vladimir Putin should be allowed to rule by decree.

It is high time we had more Russians in positions of power, bringing their unique perspective to the table. And I have a great candidate for the first president of the United Russian States of America.

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The replacement of the current US establishment by a new Russian establishment is a natural process. Opposition to this change is hateful bigotry that must be stamped out by any means necessary. If a few tanks have to roll down a few streets, that's a small price to pay for diversity. And if a few jobs get outsourced to the Kremlin, so what? The economic benefits of establishment diversity will more than compensate for a few lost jobs. We should welcome Russians into the US establishment. After all, it is the current year.

No borders, no nations! Diversity is our greatest strength! We are all human! Love not hate!

End Russophobia now.


  1. I an an Eastern European. Like many others in this region, I think Russophobia is no more irrational than Islamophobia is irrational. Misery is endemic in Russia, and instead of trying to overcome it, most Russians are interested in spreading it abroad, in bringing other people (such as Georgians and Ukrainians) down to their level of misery. And, like mainstream Muslims, Russians are in deep denial that they have a problem.

    1. I understand why you might be rationally Russophobic given your situation. But that really has nothing to do with this article. Did you comment without reading it?


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