The Sweet Taste of Victory

On the night of the election (US 2016) I was elated. I haven't felt that good in a long time, and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

I had been depressed during the day, because I expected Hillary to win. If that had happened, it would have been the end of the United States as we know it. There wouldn't have been an immediate disaster, but the establishment would have consolidated its grasp on power and the US would have accelerated down its trajectory toward anarcho-tyranny. That evening I walked home under grey skies, made myself dinner, and then opened up twitter to see what was happening. I was expecting bad news, so I was pleasantly surprised that people were posting predictions of a Trump win. Still, it was early on, and I didn't want to get too optimistic. As the results rolled in, I stated to get excited. Could Trump actually win? Could he?

As the predictions flipped from Clinton to Trump the cucks and progs started getting more and more nervous. Watching them freak out was hilarious. I went out for a walk and a smoke to release my nervous tension. This was in a liberal neighborhood in liberal Seattle, but even so I saw a few Trump shirts and hats. There were a lot more sad faces on the streets though. I heard a lot of wailing coming from bars. When I got back home it was clear that Trump was going to win. The major networks didn't call it right away, and I was suspicious that they would try to pull off some last minute vote rigging in the uncalled states, but finally they called it for Trump. I laughed and laughed. The memes were golden that night. I went to sleep in the wee hours of the morning feeling very smug.

The next day, walking around Seattle, I had a big grin on my face all day. There were protests, of course, and I went to check them out, but they were not that impressive. Low energy, no stamina. Most of them were dumb feminists complaining about pussy-grabbing, who probably went home afterwards and masturbated to BDSM.

Now for the analysis. What happened?

I don't agree with Scott Adam's view that Trump is a master persuader. He has some charisma, and some persuasion skills, but so do most successful adults. I don't think Trump won the election based on his charisma and persuasion skills. I think he won the election because he took the side of an underrepresented bloc of voters: the common people. Trump took the side of the people who have been insulted and ignored by the establishment for a long time. He took the side of white men, not explicitly, but simply by not siding against them. He rejected political correctness. He brought the issue of immigration into the Overton window. He said "All Lives Matter", not "Black Lives Matter". He went against entrenched corporate interests and called out the rampant corruption in politics. I think people came to Trump mainly because they supported him on these issues, not because he is a master persuader.

Power comes from people. In Physics, power is the ability to do work, or more precisely the rate at which work can be done. This physical notion of work carries over fairly well to understanding society, because society is essentially a work-exchange machine. It is a system by which people work together for their mutual benefit. Each person has a certain ability to do work. This work could be producing a good, providing a service, or fighting in a war.

The basic formula for seeking political power (or any kind of social power) is tit for tat. You offer to act on the behalf of some group of people if they, in turn, work to get you into power. Politics is executed by building up a base of support. It is important to remember that power comes from people. It can be given or taken away by them. This is true even in a dictatorship or monarchy.

In the modern Western democracies, politicians typically focus on building up support with people who are already in positions of power and influence, rather than appealing to the common people. They get the rich on their side, even rich people in other countries, by promising to act on their behalf once elected. Then they rely on the rich to get them elected by persuading (conning) the common people into voting for them. The mainstream media acts as a propaganda machine for the establishment. In the past, control of this machine was the key to getting elected.

As an individual, Trump is more persuasive than Clinton, but I would argue that her campaign was more persuasive than Trump's. They convinced a large number of people that Trump was literally Hitler, and that Clinton was not a corrupt, influence-peddling traitor, in spite of a huge amount of evidence pointing in that direction. By "the Clinton campaign" of course I mean the MSM, with the partial exception of Fox news and a few other outlets. (The WSJ was not bad.) The MSM was "with her" and they used typical propaganda methods. They bombarded the public with negative messages about Trump. They mostly used guilt by association and appeals to emotion.  Trump was "dark", "scary", "racist", "sexist", etc. Would you want to associated with such a monster? They brought out experts, authorities, and celebrities to promote Clinton and denounce Trump. They passed debate questions to Clinton. They even rigged Trump's mic during one debate, to make him sound bad. Their persuasion tactics were very effective. They almost won.

It's amazing to me how some democrats are trying to blame the Trump victory on the media, as if they somehow got cheated in an unfair fight, when the exact opposite is true: their side cheated and lost. I have (multiple times) heard Clinton supporters complain that Trump got "90% of the press coverage" in the election, conveniently leaving out two facts: (1) most of that coverage was negative, and (2) Trump earned his coverage by campaigning vigorously, as opposed to Clinton who barely engaged with the public. The election was made to be about Trump because that is what the MSM wanted. They knew Clinton was a weak candidate, so they focused the spotlight on Trump's flaws and kept it away from Clinton. They cheated, they lost, and that makes Trump's victory more impressive.

It wasn't a landslide. It was a close race. Given that Trump was constantly being demonized in the MSM, however, it was an impressive win. Also, I think Trump probably won the popular vote if you subtract voter fraud, such as illegal immigrants voting in California. The electoral college is a weird system but it isn't entirely without merit.

I expected Clinton to win because I expected the establishment to do anything to stop Trump, including rigging the vote. Remember, billions of dollars are at stake in this game. (Pipelines in Syria, pipelines vs. railroads in the US, the Chimerica currency game, etc.) The suspicious death of Scalia earlier in the year made me suspect a soft coup d'etat was in progress, carried out by interests aligned with Clinton. I expected the establishment to win, because in spite of Clinton's blatant corruption, most of the normies around me were pro-Clinton and anti-Trump, and not open to be persuaded otherwise. They were buying the MSM message hook, line and sinker, and even trying to swallow the fishing rod. For example, they believed that Trump supporters were violent, not the other way around. I told them there was a lot more violence committed against Trump supporters than by them. They had never heard of any instances of it, so I showed them examples from YouTube of Trump supporters being knocked unconscious, etc. The fact that they didn't know about those things, and believed that the other side was more violent, shows that the MSM still has a lot of control over the normie worldview. People are basically conformist, and they want to portray themselves as virtuous. Being anti-Trump was a cheap way to be "virtuous", and so a lot of normies were falling over each other to signal their virtue by hating Trump.

Luckily, there was a large segment of the population that has become immune to that message: working class whites. They know that no matter what they do or say, they will be demonized by the media and entertainment industry. It is acceptable to hate rednecks, to call them stupid, to wish that they would go extinct. You can't make fun of blacks or Hispanics for having low IQs, you can't hate them, you can't wish they would go extinct, but it is culturally acceptable to make fun of working class whites. You can only say "fuck you" to people for so long before they get the message and say "fuck you" back. Michael Moore, to his credit, belatedly recognized this, at least to some extent. The message that you must passively go along with your demographic replacement is not terribly appealing.

The MSM is losing influence for two reasons: (1) the rise of alternative media, and (2) they have alienated a lot of people by adopting a leftist worldview and condescending attitude. The celebrity endorsement videos in particular showed how much the media and entertainment elites are out of touch with ordinary people.

I don't know whether the vote was rigged or not, but if so it wasn't by enough for Clinton to win. I think they didn't rig it, or didn't rig it enough, because at the end they believed their own propaganda. They thought they were going to win. One of the funniest images from the election was the New York Time's chart of their probability estimates for Clinton and Trump. It started at 80% for Clinton and 20% for Trump, but quickly flipped once the votes started coming in. They managed to persuade themselves that Clinton should and would win, but they didn't manage to persuade the people.

Now, let's do a roll call of losers and winners of the election.

Losers and Villains

  • The mainstream media. NYT, MSNBC, CNN, Washington Post, etc., etc. GTFO REEEEEEEEE
  • "Arrogant, condescending celebrities". Please follow through on your promises to leave the US. But don't go to Canada. Go to Honduras, Somalia, or Saudi Arabia and don't come back. 
  • Clueless media pundits and "experts" (charlatans) like Paul Krugman, Nate Silver, etc. You guys are idiots. You got everything wrong. Own it.
  • Cucks like Rick Wilson and Jewish neocon hypocrites. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Fuck you.
  • The donors to the Clinton foundation.
  • Clinton and Huma Abedin. I really hope you both end up in jail.
  • Khizr Khan, that slimy disgusting sack of shit. Shove the constitution and the Quran up your ass.
  • Michael Moore and all the other commie Bernitards. Grow the fuck up.
  • All the big corporations that lined up on the side of Clinton and tried to influence public opinion, including the social media platforms.
  • Obama. His legacy will be Trump.

Winners and Heroes

  • Trump. All hail his glorious victory!! Let's hope he follows through on his promises. Build a wall and drain the swamp.
  • The alternative media. They did the job the MSM didn't do: provided a diversity of views and data to the public. Paul Watson, Scott Adams, Molyneux, Cernovich, Sargon of Akkad, Rebel Media, to name a few. And all the anonymous posters on 4chan, 8chan, twitter, YouTube, etc. 
  • WikiLeaks/Assange Thank you!!
  • The alt-Right. I don't think the alt-right helped Trump, but they benefited a lot from Trump and and from the MSM's attempt to link them to Trump.
  • White men. We are still a force to be reckoned with. Disrespect us at your peril.
  • 53% of white women voters.
  • 29% of Hispanic voters.
  • 29% of Asian voters.
  • And last but not least, Kek. Praise Kek!